Green Meetings: Low Priority?

Planners divided on the importance of eco-friendliness

Meetings have gotten greener in recent years, say more than half of planners. Yet, 65 percent of the 101 respondents to a recent M&C poll rarely or never implement green meeting initiatives that add cost. Only one in four consider a hotel's green efforts "very important." For more findings on this topic, go to 

Does your organization have a policy regarding green meetings?

Do you implement green-meeting measures that add costs?

When selecting a meeting venue, how important are green policies and procedures?

Are your meetings greener now than they were two years ago?

Do you provide means for attendees to recycle paper, cans and bottles on-site?

Are you aware that convention facilities and hotels can be certified as environmentally responsible?

84% Yes

16% No

With which of the followingcertifications are you familiar?

88% LEED

83% Energy Star

28% Green Seal

18% Green Key

13% Green Globe

Are green certifications a factor in your venue selection?

11% Yes, to a great extent

26% Yes, somewhat

27% To a minimal extent

36% Not at all

Source: M&C Research survey of 101 meeting professionals