Green: Not a Priority

Environmentally Friendly Practices Still Rare at Meetings

Are conference materials printed on recycled paper?
Yes: 31%

No: 40%

Don’t know: 29%

chartHow much responsibility do planners and their organizations really take when arranging meetings? An online survey conducted in June was answered by 252 planners, 17 percent of whom said when selecting a meeting venue, it is very important that the facility makes an effort to be eco-friendly, while 41 percent said it is somewhat important, 32 percent said not too important and 10 per-cent said not at all important.

Do planners support ecological efforts made at hotels? Fifty-five percent of those surveyed require or prefer to have recycle bins in guest rooms, while 6 percent prefer not to have them and 39 percent have no preference. Also, 26 percent want low-flow showerheads in rooms vs. 30 percent who prefer not to have them; 20 percent look for soap and shampoo dispensers in guest rooms instead of disposable bottles, vs. 35 percent who prefer the containers; and 54 percent require or prefer to have water-saving methods used in public rest rooms.

When conservation methods are employed at meetings, 23 percent of respondents said some of their attendees appreciate them, and 20 percent said many attendees appreciate or even love to see their meeting hosts use environmentally friendly practices. Another 2 percent said their delegates actually dislike the eco-minded efforts.

Fully 55 percent of respondents have never surveyed their attendees to determine whether they appreciate the organization’s eco-friendly measures. If such methods aren’t used at meetings, most planners (63 percent) said attendees have never asked that they be implemented.