How High Fuel Costs Affect Meetings

Planners say oil prices are directly affecting meetings

NL Research May 2011 pie chartRising fuel prices are a major concern of meeting planners, reveals a recent poll by M&C Research. Of the 117 respondents, 87 percent are extremely or somewhat concerned about the impact on meetings and events.

Among actions they expect to take to ease higher costs resulting from fuel hikes, 34 percent will choose less expensive venues, 32 percent will plan more local meetings and 29 percent will hold more virtual meetings.

Another budget blaster: baggage and other inflight extras. See charts (below) for a glimpse at what's being reimbursed.  






NL Research May 2011 data chart



























consider airlift a key factor in selecting a meeting destination. Another 34 percent say it is somewhat influential.

29% do not reimburse air travelers for checked baggage.

6% cover the cost of inflight alcohol; another 6 percent pay for extra legroom in coach class.

2% of planners are not at all concerned about fuel costs.