How Planners Feel About Dress Codes

Planners say proper attire is important at meetings

NLR PIE CHART 2 OCT2011Planners really do care what their attendees wear, reveals a recent poll by M&C Research. Of the 237 survey respondents, 33 percent consider a dress code "very important," noting that it sets the tone for a meeting or event. Another 50 percent feel it's "somewhat important" that attendees follow the established dress code.

While the majority of meeting-goers do dress appropriately, 42 percent of planners agree that "there are always a few who raise eyebrows." In fact, 19 percent of survey respondents have asked an attendee to change clothes during a meeting. One planner elaborated: "It was at a trade show -- she was demoing much more than the company's equipment."
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36% think attendees should wear proper business attire (slacks/skirts, buttoned shirts/blouses) for daytime meetings.

45% say business casual or resort casual dress is generally appropriate by day.

86% say flip-flops don't belong in the boardroom.

88% believe dress codes are particularly important for dinner events.


19% have asked an attendee to modify his or her attire during a meeting.