How Planners Respond to On-Site Emergencies

How planners respond to crises during a meeting

NLR032011 Crisis Pie chartWorst-case scenarios are all too common in the meetings world. A recent M&C Research survey revealed that 58 percent of respondents experienced crises during events they planned.

The most prevalent problem, cited by 53 percent, was medical emergencies, followed by natural disasters (20 percent), violent crime/assault (14 percent), death of an attendee (13 percent) and fire at the venue (13 percent).

While 42 percent of planners have a general crisis plan in place for meetings, just 18 percent create such plans tailored to each major event.

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NLR032011 Crisis Data chart 


36% never collect attendees' emergency contact information.

40% do not have emergency-response plans specifically related to meetings.

31% have had to put their crisis plans into action on-site.

21% of those who had to implement their emergency-response plans considered the result "extremely effective."


NLR032011 Crisis Attendee chart2