The Marriott Commission Cut: The Industry Responds

Independent planners weren't the only industry members who responded to M&C's survey concerning Marriott International's decision to cut commissions to third parties from 10 to 7 percent. The following shows how our overall sample of 441 people feel about the move. Explore further to read verbatim reponses to the survey.

Which best describes your role in the meetings industry?
Independent meeting planner 63%
Association meeting planner 16%
Corporate meeting planner 9%
Hotel sales/marketing 3%
Destination sales/marketing 1%
Other supplier 3%
Other 5%

Will Marriott's decision to reduce third-party commissions from 10 to 7 percent affect your business?
Yes, directly 61%
Yes, indirectly 14%
Not sure 11%
No 14% 

How would you describe your reaction to Marriott's decision? (Select all that apply.)
Disappointed 70%
Angry 33%
Worried 29%
Shocked 27%
Neutral 12%
Confused 11%
Supportive 5%
Unsure 4%
Pleased 2%

Do you expect other hotel brands to reduce commissions paid to third parties?
Yes, absolutely 8%
Yes, it's likely 51%
It's not likely 8%
No idea 25%
No 8%

Are you aware of any hotel chains or individual properties that have increased their commissions following Marriott's announcement?
Yes 55%
No 45%

Do you believe that meeting professionals should move to a fee-based structure for their services?
Yes 16% 
No 51% 
Not sure 33%