Meeting During Holidays

Availability, ignorance among reasons for conflicts

First Steps pie chartKnowingly or not, many planners (41 percent) have booked meetings or events that coincided with federal or state holidays, and another 27 percent overlapped religious holidays, according to a recent M&C survey. Of the 342 respondents, 16 percent were unaware of the conflict at the time of booking, while another one-third cited limited availability of dates and space as a reason to book anyway. Nine percent said they "sometimes" consult a calendar to check dates for religious or other holidays before booking, while 2 percent rarely take that step before signing a contract.  

Days of Observance chart
86% of planners consult a typical U.S. calendar before booking a meeting.

38% check dates against religious calendars.

25% look at a detailed global calendar.

2% rarely consult any type of calendar before setting meeting or event dates.

have unknowingly booked a meeting that conflicted with a holiday.

 Booking bar chart