Sexual Harassment at Events

Improper behavior is prevalent at work and in meetings

NLR2018 Harassment opener

Almost two-thirds of meeting professionals have experienced work-related sexual harassment. Of 250 respondents (27 percent of whom were male), nearly half have been harassed at meetings. Most are glad victims are speaking out, but 29 percent worry that people are being wrongly accused. Click here to read how the answers varied by gender and here to read verbatim comments.

In your experience or that of your attendees, which of the following actions were taken against the accused?

59% Perpetrator got a verbal warning.

37% Incident was noted in company records.

34% Perpetrator lost his/her job.

32% Perpetrator was required to apologize.

22% Perpetrator was banned from future meetings.

20% Incidents were not reported.

7% Incident was reported to police.

2% Perpetrator was sentenced by authorities.

20% Other*

With which of the following statements do you agree?

71% I'm glad such behavior is finally being exposed.

48% There's a fine line between advances and harassment.

29% I'm concerned that people are being wrongly accused.

13% Other*

Source: M&C Research survey of 250 meeting professionals   
* See additional comments at