Why You Love and Hate Travel

Despite the hassles, most planners enjoy being on the road

There's plenty to complain about, but three out of four meeting professionals like -- or even love -- traveling for business. Of the 161 respondents to M&C's latest poll, a mere 3 percent dislike being on the road. However, a strong 83 percent agree that air travel has become more frustrating. To read verbatim comments, go to mcmag.com/research.

What are you glad to escape from when you're on the road?

73% Workday routine

52% Household chores

42% Commuting

7% Regular diet

7% My partner/spouse

5% My kid(s)

2% Exercise routine

8% Other*

What do you miss most when traveling?

55% My partner/spouse

49% Being at home

33% Regular diet

33% My pet(s)

24%Exercise routine

22% My kid(s)

6% Workday routine

7% Other*

Source: M&C Research survey of 161 meeting professionals   
* See additional comments at mcmag.com/research