Social Media Strategies

Few have written guidelines for who says what online

NLR042011 pie chartIt might seem counter to the nature of social media, but a number of firms have written guidelines about how employees should use Facebook, Twitter and other platforms at work. Nearly one-third of respondents to a recent M&C poll said their organizations have established such guidelines for general business purposes.

When it comes to meetings and events specifically, though, just 11 percent have written social media plans, while another 45 percent have informal strategies. Topics addressed include who is authorized to post content (per 35 percent of those polled), what the content may or may not include (30 percent), and the process for responding to comments or questions (25 percent).

Only 5 percent of respondents describe their organization's use of social media for events as "extensive."


NLR042011 Guideline chart


32% say their organizations have a general social media policy addressing employees' use of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

56% do not have any written guidelines with respect to appropriate use of social media.

11% have written strategies addressing social media at meetings and events.

60% of respondents use Facebook for business purposes.


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