Laptop Ban Deemed Bad for Meetings

Two-thirds oppose restriction on inflight devices

MC July 2017 NL research opener

Restrictions on carrying laptops on board flights from 10 overseas destinations to the U.S. are creating headaches for many meeting professionals. In fact, 69 percent of 130 respondents to M&C's poll would possibly or definitely avoid meeting in a place subject to the ban. Read their suggested alternative solutions (and add your own) here.

What concerns you about the laptop ban?

80% Theft or damage of device

59% Inability to work inflight

46% Intellectual property theft

25% Inability to use devices for entertainment

8% I have no related concerns

Would you borrow a "safe" laptop for use inflight if the airline offered?

41% Yes

28% No

31% Not sure

Source: M&C Research survey of 130 meeting professionals   
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