The Basics of Baby-Sitting

Planners Tell M&C Who Is Watching Their Children

How often do you call home while traveling?
Every other day or less: 6%
Once a day: 54%
Twice a day: 26%
More than twice a day: 14%

Juggling work and parenting is difficult no matter what your profession; add frequent travel to the list, and the balance gets even harder. To find out who is taking care of meeting planners’ children, M&C and NTM Research in January conducted an online survey of 320 planners, all of them parents of children under 15 years old.
     During the day, school is where you’ll find the children of 68 percent of respondents; 40 percent indicated their kids also spend time in day care, and 17 percent said the children are at home.
     Respondents take an average of 6.8 business trips a year without their children. While they are gone, 74 percent say their spouse takes care of the kids, and 17 percent place them in the grandparents’ care. Most traveling planners (54 percent) check on their children once a day.
     Less than a third (31 percent) have taken their children on a site inspection or fam trip. However, almost half (47 percent) have taken their youngsters to an off-site meeting. For the most recent meeting to which planners brought their families, 57 percent said their spouse looked after the children while the planner was working; 24 percent left the kids with a caretaker who had traveled with them; 10 percent of respondents enrolled the little ones in a hotel-sponsored children’s program; 6 percent kept their children with them at all times; and 3 percent enrolled the kids in a program sponsored by the meeting host.