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Unreimbursed Expenses

Business trips often cost planners money out-of-pocket

Newsline Research July 2012 pie column chartMeeting professionals tend to spend more money on business trips than they get back after filing their expense reports, according to a recent M&C survey. Often that's by choice: One-third of the 115 survey respondents cite their own comfort and convenience among key reasons their spending exceeds guidelines. Of those who dip into their own pockets, 18 percent spend more than $100 over reimbursed expenses. Where do those dollars go? Gratuities are the most-cited costs they cannot or choose not to expense, followed by alcohol.

Newsline Research July 2012 data chart

51% of respondents follow a formal written travel policy; 38 percent adhere to general guidelines.

52% consider their spending guidelines fair and reasonable, while 27 percent find them somewhat restrictive and 12 percent extremely restrictive.

30% say guidelines have become tighter in recent years.

17% are somewhat resentful that they end up spending personal funds on business travel; another 5 percent are downright bitter about it.

Newsline Research July 2012 bar chart

Source: M&C Research survey of 115 meeting planners