Will Planners Still Choose Detroit?

Many planners will avoid meeting in bankrupt Motor City

By the Numbers
By the Numbers
75% of meeting professionals were not surprised to learn that Detroit had filed for bankruptcy protection.

26% believe Detroit's bankruptcy ultimately will be good for the city.

37% are less likely to select the city as a meetings destination due to its bankruptcy.

60% are concerned that Detroit will experience a reduction in public services.

Few meeting professionals were surprised when the city of Detroit declared bankruptcy this past July. Expectations are mixed regarding what it will mean to the destination, but one result from a recent M&C poll is clear: Many planners will avoid selecting Detroit for their meetings. Top worries among the 153 respondents include reduced public services, the destination's tarnished image and a possible dip in attendance numbers as a result of the bankruptcy filing. For planners' verbatim comments on this topic, click here.