What Makes for an Ideal Meetings?

Planners take a middle road on formats, tech, more

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Some innovative elements are welcome, but meeting planners don't want to go overboard with fluid schedules and the latest gadgets. Most of the 120 respondents to M&C's recent survey are happy with the typical duration of meetings, varied session formats and other details. More than one-third would like meetings to be a life-changing experience.


Which best reflects your use of technology in the planning process?
49% It is a vital part of my process from start to finish.

41% I use some tech-based tools but also do a lot manually.

10% I take a hands-on approach and don't use much technology.

Which best reflects your preference for on-site technology?
61% Some tech is enough; I don't need or want to use all the tools available.

29% The more the merrier; apps, smart badges, etc., enhance the experience.

10% I prefer low-tech/no-tech meetings; personal connections aren't tech-based.

Source: M&C Research survey of 120 meeting professionals