Alcohol and the Attendee

34% of planners say people are drinking less at events

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While most planners think alcohol is important to the success of a meeting or event, one-third of the 115 respondents to M&C's latest poll report that attendees' consumption has declined in recent years. Health concerns could be one reason: About half believe alcohol is more dangerous that most people realize.

Which of the following statements do you believe to be true?

49% Alcohol is more dangerous than most people realize.

46% One drink per day poses no health risk.

18% Alcohol, in moderation, has considerable health benefits.

9% The health benefits of alcohol outweigh the risks for light to moderate drinkers.

9% Even light to moderate alcohol consumption increases cancer risk.

How important is alcohol to the success of your events?

23% Extremely

54% Somewhat

19% Not very

4% Not at all

Source: M&C Research survey of 115 meeting professionals