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SmithBucklin Outlines 2018 Predictions for Associations

SmithBucklins Matt Sanderson

(Pictured) SmithBucklin's Matt Sanderson

The never-ending pursuit of loyalty, which sustains associations and enables growth, is the number-one trend for organizations for the new year, according to SmithBucklin. The association management company released a list of 20 key trends, issues and developments for the market for 2018 in its 15th annual Circuit publication, designed to help organizations plan for their future.

"One of the unique aspects of the work we do as a company is our ability to observe the topics, strategies and opportunities that are common across organizations that serve different industries and professions," said Matt Sanderson, president and CEO of SmithBucklin. "This allows us to stay current, and also creates value for our colleagues and the client organizations we serve."

Rounding out the top five trends on the list are the following.

 For education, associations should focus on learning rather than on training.

 Generating non-dues revenue has become a top priority for many associations, according to the 2017 McKinley Advisors' Economic Impact on Associations annual report.

 Millennials are surprisingly like their older generational counterparts, per data analysis by SmithBucklin's chief human resources officer.

 Associations can further their roles in their communities by being trusted voices in times of change.

A full roundup of all 20 trends as identified by SmithBucklin can be accessed at here.