BETTER YET 10-1-2000

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October 2000

Order in the Office

Bogged down by paperwork? San Francisco-based Liz Franklin, The Office Organizer (, offers these tips.

CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. Put a date on everything. You’ll never be sorry.

USE INDEX CARDS. Write action words (“call,” “write,” “fill out”) on each card, always in the same corner, to create an ongoing to-do list. As projects are completed or priorities are shuffled, cards can be thrown away and new ones created.

START A FILE. Create a file for every project. Every time you have an idea on the project, write it down and drop it in the file. When it is time to get going, you’ll find your work almost done.

PERSONALIZE LABELS. Label files by how you think of them, not by the name you think somebody else would title them.


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