BETTER YET 12-1-2001

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December 2001

Tooting Your Own Horn

imageW ith layoffs rising, employees can help protect their jobs via the fine art of self-promotion, say career coaches. Here are some tips from the Marblehead, Mass.-based firm Columbia Consultancy (

EVALUATE YOURSELF. Write down what you accomplished and why you think it was important.

SUBMIT THE EVIDENCE. Create a quarterly or monthly report that tracks your major achievements, and be sure to send a copy to your supervisor. Don’t ramble just give the straight facts.

PRAISE OTHERS. Everyone likes a team player, so be sure to openly applaud co-workers who have contributed to a project or anyone who you notice has worked hard and achieved results.

SPEAK UP. Have an idea that might increase productivity or bolster office morale? Share it at the next staff meeting. And if you think your talents go beyond the scope of your present assignments, step forward and volunteer to take on another task.


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