BETTER YET 4-1-2000

Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts April 2000 Current Issue
April 2000

Acing the job interview

Judy Hernandez, director of community for the New York City office of, an employment Web site, offers these job-interview tips.

Learn all about it. Network with people already in the position you hope to attain. "It will help you learn the lingo and give you confidence," says Hernandez.

Practice. offers sample interview questions. "Having a friend sit across from you while you practice answering questions can really help you refine your skills," says Hernandez.

Listen. Get a cassette recorder and tape yourself during the practice interview. Then play it back, and listen carefully to how you sound. Are you peppering your speech with "um" and "like"?

Engage the interviewer. Make eye contact when you're listening to questions. "Don't close yourself off physically," Hernandez warns. "Don't cross your legs and fold your arms." Body language can speak louder than words


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