BETTER YET 6-1-2001

Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts June 2001 Current Issue
June 2001

Keeping New Hires Happy

After everything you go through to find the right candidate to fill a position, you’ll want to get your new hire off to a good start. To do so, consider these tactics. (Visit for advice on this and other staffing issues.)

IMAGEDraw the line. Be clear about your expectations from the start.

Fess up. Past mistakes within the company continue to be valuable lessons long after they happen. Tell the new hire what to look out for, so she might avoid falling into similar traps.

Pave the way. Introduce the new recruit not just to her co-workers, but to key clients and other important colleagues. Don’t assume she’ll be able to recognize the CEO if no one has introduced her.

Talk it out. Be open to communication. If your new hire finds the position is not what she thought it would be, find out why and discuss possible solutions with her.


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