BETTER YET 7-1-2001

Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts July 2001 Current Issue
July 2001

Be a Cool Negotiator

Leave the sweaty palms and nervous tics behind when negotiating by following these simple rules. (Check for more smart business tips.)

IMAGEState your case. Know everything you want to accomplish, and communicate it in one brief statement.

Know it all. Knowledge is power. Gain perspective and leverage by researching from every angle before talks begin.

Gather a crowd. Make sure all of the players who will influence the decision are present at the negotiation.

Listen closely. Don’t formulate your response while others are still speaking; pay attention to what they have to say. It’s OK to pause and think before you add your viewpoint.

Walk away. Leaving the table can be a terrific technique, but only if you are sure you have the upper hand. Don’t let this trick backfire on you.


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