BETTER YET 8-1-2003

Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts August 2003 Current Issue
August 2002

To Improve Speaking Skills

Whether introducing a speaker, announcing an award, or warming up a meeting audience, public speaking is an important business skill. Linda Kundell, a New York City-based public relations specialist and owner of Kundell Communications ( offers these tips.

Speak up. Using a microphone does not ensure the audience can hear. To really project, put depth and energy into your voice, but do not shout. And, a simple “Can everyone hear me?” will get the audience’s attention.

Slow down. When giving out numerical information, such as addresses or phone numbers, speak clearly and slowly, so the audience has enough time to write everything down.

Allow for some silence. When introducing a series of speakers, such as a panel, pause between each introduction to give the audience time to absorb each speaker’s credentials.

Keep breathing. To avoid speaking too quickly and tripping over words, force yourself to slow down by taking a breath between sentences. Another good technique is to pause for a sip of water.


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