Better Yet 11-1-2003

Cutting Your Work Hours

Thinking of lobbying for a part-time work schedule? Career consultant Marilyn Moats Kennedy ( offers the following tips on negotiating with your supervisor.

Draft a schedule. Pick three weekdays you would devote full-time to the office. Include Monday, since it is often considered a crisis day.

Have a plan. Before asking, arm yourself with a proposal detailing what you will be responsible for, how many days in the office and how much time in which the workload can be handled. Indicate that you are prepared to be flexible and work extra hours should a crisis arise that needs your full attention.

Weigh benefits. For a married worker whose spouse has health benefits, this might not be an important issue. Single employees, however, should ask for 60 percent of their current salary for half-time employment; this will help compensate for the lack of health coverage.
Don’t shake on it. Get the agreement in writing; suggest a three-month review to see how the plan is working for both parties.