Better Yet 2-1-2004

Reading a TelePrompTer

For presentations, a TelePrompTer is the delivery tool of choice. But even the most polished speaker can make mistakes. Arlington Heights, Ill.-based event management outfit Ramsborg Group Ltd. ( offers these tips for avoiding glitches at the podium.

Check the height. Make sure the screen is placed at eye level, so you don’t need to slouch or gaze upward to read.
Roll the tape. Concentrate on reading the first one-third of the screen, and have the technician scroll slowly down to allow time for pausing.

Be natural. To avoid appearing as if you are reading straight off the prompter, try to use expressive hand gestures, punctuate sentences and look back and forth across the audience.

Watch it. Videotape yourself in action, so you can see what the audience sees. This can be an invaluable tool for rehearsing and making improvements in your presentation style.