Better Yet: Keeping it Private

IllustrationWhen you travel for business, does the thought of unsecured proprietary information keep you up at night? If so, heed the advice of Robert Siciliano, CEO of, which follows.

Skip the safe. Leaving anything in your room safe or hiding it, Siciliano says, is as secure as leaving it in the hall near your room-service tray. For anything of even remote value, either use the hotel’s safe or take it with you.

For your eyes only. Your laptop screen can be visible to those around you, so consider a privacy filter, which makes the screen appear dark when viewed at an angle, yet clear to the user. Staples ( sells 3M’s privacy filters for laptops of varying sizes, starting at $55.

Save online. To keep data secure even if your laptop is lost or stolen, don’t save it to your hard drive: Store it virtually, using one of a growing number of online document centers, such as Google Docs & Spreadsheets ( If your computer is snatched, thieves will end up with nothing more than your copy of Minesweeper and a few MP3s.