Better Yet: Traveling Green

0709 Better YetCarbon offsets and other measures take a big-picture approach to greener travel, but individuals can take small measures to do their part too. John McCarthy, president of GO Airport Express, a shuttle service in Chicago, offers his advice.

Share a ride. Self-promotion? You bet. But it's also sound advice that will save travelers money. McCarthy says carbon emissions for six airport passengers taking a shared-ride shuttle are less than half what they'd be for travelers each taking separate taxis. Better yet -- take public transportation.

Avoid inflight toilets. McCarthy says the fuel used for each flush of an on-board toilet could run an average car for six miles. Better to use the airport restroom before boarding.

Pack light. Planes and cars both burn more fuel the heavier they are. If air travelers pack light, they can enjoy the added benefit of not checking luggage or avoiding extra luggage fees.

Bottle it yourself. Travel with a reusable water bottle or coffee mug. Airport security won't give you any trouble for bringing an empty bottle, and you can fill it at a water fountain or concession stand on the other side.