Better Yet: Working From Home

IllustrationAs prices at the pump soar, working from home -- whether full- or part-time -- can offer financial relief and might improve job performance and satisfaction. Debra Dinnocenzo, president of Wexford, Pa.-based VirtualWorks! ( and author of 101 Tips for Telecommuters, offers advice for negotiating such a scenario with supervisors.

Make the case. Explain how telecommuting would benefit the company. Advantages might include reduced absenteeism, more schedule flexibility or reduced office operating costs. Be specific, and translate these advantages to dollar amounts when possible.

Sell yourself. Describe the personality traits you possess that would make you an effective telecommuter.

Be specific. Share detailed plans for handling daily schedules and tasks, remaining in touch with co-workers or clients, reporting results and setting up a home office.

Test it out. Propose a trial period, defining the time frame, goals and methods by which to evaluate the process.