Braniacs on Parade

Conference on thinking serves food for thought

0709SC Floater brainSearching for an intelligent, engaging speaker to add to the meeting agenda? Look which cutting-edge minds got the nod at the International Confer­ence on Thinking, held this past June in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Presenters included Kevin Warwick, a pioneer in neurosurgical technology for the disabled, currently a professor at the University of Reading in the U.K.; and Dr. Mario Gongora, who is creating a virtual model of Ancient Rome and lectures at DeMontfort University in the U.K.

Several U.S.-based speakers contributed as well, including Art Costa, formerly the director of educational programs for NASA; Bill Martin, managing director of the consulting firm Bill Martin & Associates; and Howard Gardner, a professor of cognition and education at Harvard, whose books include Responsibility at Work, about motivation and workplace culture, and Five Minds for the Future, about "the specific cognitive abilities that will be sought and cultivated by leaders in the years ahead."

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