Bubbles Gone Wild

Fairmont's Bath Sommelier Sows Suds

Bath sommelier

Forget the rubber ducky. Guests at the Fairmont Chicago can bathe in a variety of outrageously designed soaks. To wit: Dedicated chocoholics can tuck into a tub infused with chocolate bubble bath, surrounded by chocolate-scented candles and plates of homemade cookies.
    And for a more invigorating soak, guests can opt for a luxurious peppermint-scented bath, which comes with a peppermint scrub, peppermint candies and a cup of hot chocolate spiked with a shot of peppermint schnapps.
    Also on tap is a ginger- and cinnamon-spiced pumpkin bath, available in November.
    If all this relaxation sounds like a lot of preparatory effort, don’t worry the hotel employs a professional “bath sommelier” armed with therapeutic salts, candles and a cadre of scented oils.