Catching Up 10-1-2007

October 1997

M&C, 1997 coverTen years ago, when M&C featured Brenda Rezak on the right of its cover, she recently had hired a business coach to help guide her along her new career path as an independent planner for nonprofit organizations. Today, Rezak, owner of the New York City-based The Beatrice Group, still considers nonprofit organizations her niche market.

“Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked on various projects, but I enjoy working for the nonprofit organizations whose missions are in synch with my own,” says Rezak. One repeat client is the New York City-based Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, whose annual Community Benefit Fund is dear to her heart. Four years ago she founded a nonprofit of her own, New York Reads Together (, a citywide literacy program that fosters a love of reading.

“I most often work with small to mid-size nonprofits on an ongoing basis,” says Rezak, who prefers a hands-on approach to planning. “I never intended to be a manager with lots of employees to oversee. I wanted more independence with my time.”