Catching Up: June 1987

June 1987 coverCaroline Lewko was one of 14 rookie planners featured on M&C’s cover 20 years ago this month. Then an ambitious 21-year-old planner at Manitoba Health Organization in Canada, Lewko told M&C: “By the time I’m 30, this girl’s going to be an independent planner with her own business.”

“I always had that entrepreneurial streak,” says Lewko, below, now founder and CEO of the Wireless Industry Partnership, a Vancouver-based company that helps wireless technology companies network and grow.

Caroline LewkoAfter earning an MBA, Lewko worked for Anderson Consulting (now Accenture), sold industrial-park space in China and, in 2001, founded the Wireless Innovation Network of British Columbia, a trade association.

“When I was younger, I liked details,” Lewko notes. “I don’t like the details anymore. Now I like planning the strategy, the big picture.”