Eco-Tools Do the Math

New Products Help Travel Managers Calculate Carbon Emissions

Greeley Koch


Greeley Koch

Two important new tools launched in May and June will help planners and travel managers quantify the impact their business travel has on the environment.

Southlake, Texas-based Sabre Travel Network added a feature to its travel booking products that will produce reports detailing a company’s total air travel, the amount of fuel burned, and the corresponding amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases produced as a result. The data can be organized by department, segment type, cost center or date.

The Association of Corporate Travel Executives, based in Alexandria, Va., teamed with London-based The CarbonNeutral Co. to produce its own Carbon Calculator, which also estimates emissions and offers tips on how companies can reduce or rectify environmental impact. The calculator tool is available to ACTE members on the association’s website (

Once businesses quantify their impact on the environment, they can take steps to “offset” their emissions by supporting clean energy producers or other environmentally conscious initiatives, such as reforestation.

On environmental matters, companies in the United States have much to learn from their European counterparts, said Greeley Koch, president of ACTE. “In Europe, being carbon-neutral is now even part of the RFP process, since companies that focus on this want to work with like-minded companies. Yet the carbon-neutral calculator is a great awareness tool for our members in the United States, Canada and Asia as their companies come online with the corporate social
responsibility philosophy.”

ACTE plans to make its October conference, to be held in Barcelona, Spain, the association’s first international carbon-neutral event. “The association is very sensitive to this issue,” Koch said.