Eminent Domain

A primer on the new .travel identifier

Tralliance president/CEO Ron Andruff


Tralliance president/CEO
Ron Andruff

Tired of trying to keep straight which websites end in .com, .org or .gov? Well, say hello to .travel, whose aim actually is to help sort out the clutter surrounding the search for information. This new domain was created to help web surfers zero in on travel sites that have met certain exacting criteria, to help distinguish them from “junk” sites.

“Every entity that wants a .travel website has to go through authentication,” explains Ron Andruff, president and CEO of Tralliance, the entity that is managing the .travel domain. “It doesn’t matter if you’re Buenos Aires, Boise or Bangkok, everybody goes through this process. This way we can make sure only travel and tourism entities have a .travel identification.”

According to Andruff, specialized top-level domains like .travel are the future of the web. “Internet 1.0 was a place where if somebody landed on your site, you hoped you might sell them something,” he says. “Internet 2.0 is about being specific about what you do.”

Travelers can click into www.search.travel to conduct a search among .travel websites. Right now, the directory isn’t robust enough to produce uniformly reliable results, but that is changing quickly. Says Andruff, “Every day, more registrations are coming through. We’re closing in on 21,000 domain names registered and sold. The sooner we embrace it and engage it, the sooner it will be useful for all of us. Five years from now, people will say, if you don’t have a .travel domain name, you won’t be a verified part of the industry.”

For more information, visit www.travel.travel.