Finding Funding

New website matches sponsors with those in need

0909SCL2 Spobsor PkThink of it as Internet dating for corporate sponsors. That's essentially the mission of, a new website now in beta testing -- to pair up sponsors with sponsorship opportunities that meet their stated criteria, and, for sponsor-seekers, to get their proposals in front of more eyes.

Co-founder Emily Taylor knows how useful the site could have been to her when she was an account manager for Coca-Cola. "You'd think a brand as large as that would have a standard operating procedure manual for sponsorships, but that wasn't the case," she recalls. "Even brands like Coca-Cola could use a resource like this."

Those seeking sponsorships post profiles on the website (for free, until the site's official launch, which will be sometime in the next few months). Potential sponsors can browse the listings or sign up to be alerted when sponsorship opportunities arise that match their criteria, which they can enter and save on the site. SponsorPark also has a space for sponsors and sponsor-seekers to communicate privately on the site. "Our goal is to make the process as simple and as straightforward as possible," Taylor says.

So far, several groups have posted meetings-related sponsorship opportunities, but Taylor is unaware of any matches. She says it'll take a while for the site to gain critical mass. But recent research shows that while sponsorship dollars might be shrinking, more than half of sponsors are looking for new partners, she adds.

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