HEALTH BEAT 12-1-2001

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December 2001
Short Cuts:

The bluest season

For many people, the holiday blues will be at their bluest this year. On top of the season’s traditional stress, recent events have shaken our sense of security and calm.

Following are some ways to cope, gleaned from the National Mental Health Association ( and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (

Be realistic about what you can accomplish. Make a list of what really needs to be done, and decide what gets top priority.

Accept that you might not feel happy during the holidays. Instead of denying your emotions, talk to a friend or counselor about what you are experiencing.

Lay off the eggnog. Remember: Alcohol is a depressant.

Volunteer. Doing something for others will renew the spirit of giving.

Don’t be bound by traditions. If the usual plan seems inappropriate this year, try something new.

Indulge yourself. Go to a movie or get a massage. The best gift might be the one you give yourself.


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