HEALTH BEAT 8-1-1998

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August 1998
AppleShort Cuts:

BAD INGREDIENTS. The Center for Science in the Public Interest ( advises consumers to avoid foods with these additives:

  • Acesulfame K: This sugar substitute, known as Sunette or Sweet One, causes cancer in animals.
  • Artificial colorings: Possibly carcinogenic.
  • Aspartame: Sold as Equal or NutraSweet; may cause altered brain function and behavior changes.
  • BHA and BHT: These common preservatives may be carcinogenic.
  • Monosodium glutamate: A flavor enhancer, MSG may cause headaches and other adverse reactions.
  • Nitrite and nitrate: Used to preserve meats, such as hot dogs and bacon; may cause stomach cancer.
  • Olestra: This new fake fat takes nutrients out of the body and may cause diarrhea and cramping.
  • Saccharin: Causes cancer in lab animals.
  • Sulfites: Used in dried fruits, wines and other foods; may provoke severe allergic reactions.
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