Health Beat 5-1-2004

Salmon Slammed

Ever since a recent study found farm-raised salmon to contain higher levels of PCBs than wild salmon, many fish lovers have thought twice about ordering the ubiquitous pink entrée. According to some experts, however, consumers shouldn’t overreact.
    “There have been some recent reports suggesting that the PCB levels were too high in farmed salmon, but it’s important to note that these levels are 1/80th of what the Food and Drug Administration sets as safe and allowable,” says Kathleen Zelman, a registered dietitian and former spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.
    Zelman reminds health-conscious eaters that dining on salmon helps combat the nation’s top killer heart disease. “The experts are much more concerned about consumers not eating salmon,” she says. “The health benefits far outweigh any potential risk of farmed salmon. It’s nutritious, it’s good for you, and it could save your life.”