Health Beat 8-1-2005

All the Right Moves

Beating out miles on a treadmill or climbing an endless flight on a StairMaster aren’t the only ways to watch one’s weight while on the road. According to the Chicago-based American Dietetic Association (, we burn plenty of calories while enjoying recreational pursuits and even simply going about our daily routines.
    Here’s a look at how many calories a 170-pound person burns in an hour while performing various activities. Clearly, deliberate exercise is preferable, but with smart eating, a business trip doesn’t automatically have to translate into a thicker waistline.

Activity                                           Calories burned per hour
Swimming                                                   460
Hiking                                                        460
Golf                                                           345
Walking briskly                                             230
Food preparation                                          190
Driving a car                                                155  
Reading                                                      100
Sitting and watching TV                                   75
Sleeping                                                        70

Source: American Dietetic Association