Health Beat: Relief for Sore Feet

Aching feet come with the territory if you're a meeting professional. Happily, the American Podiatric Medical Association offers some simple exercises anyone can do during the workday to relieve the stress.

• For a soothing stretch, while standing, place the tips of your toes against a wall, leaning slightly forward until the arch starts to stretch. Weight-bearing moves such as this can help reduce arch pain.

• To treat plantar fasciitis (heel pain), try a nonweight-bearing exercise: Sitting with one leg stretched out in front, place a gym towel around the ball of the foot and softly pull back the towel's ends until the foot begins to stretch.

• To alleviate toe cramps and strengthen calf muscles, point and flex: Stand upright, lift one foot and roll it forward until the toes point downward; then flex the foot upward. Hold in each position for a few seconds and repeat 10 times.  

• Get an instant massage by placing a golf ball (or any small ball) under the ball of your foot and rolling it back and forth with light pressure. This exercise is great for heel pain, cramps or arch pain.