. House Passes the GSA Act of 2012 | Meetings & Conventions

House Passes the GSA Act of 2012

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed HR 4631, the GSA Act of 2012, which limits travel expenses for federal employees and makes agency spending more transparent. Unlike previously proposed legislation, however, the current version does not limit the number of meetings federal employees are able to attend annually and does not require financial disclosures from the association holding the meeting. According to ASAE, modifications in this piece of legislation are a result of associations across the country taking action to educate House committee staff and their own delegations on the value of association meetings. ASAE took action prior to the vote, sending a message to all House offices that said, "While we agree that taxpayer money should be spent wisely, the association community was concerned that the strategy initially taken by the House would have severely harmed many of the public-private partnerships that help create good policy."