IACC/DCI Survey Reveals Generational Preferences of European Meeting Planners

A survey of 101 European meeting planners conducted by the International Association of Conference Centers with Development Counsellors International reveals all age groups surveyed consider accessibility/location, appropriate meeting space and value priorities when selection meeting venues. The age groups of the participants were broken into four categories: Mature (age 66 and older), Baby Boomer (age 47-65), Generation X (age 33-46) and Millennials (age 18-32). Other key findings:

• Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials prefer receiving digital marketing materials from vendors, while Matures prefer in-person selling during trade show appointments.

• Baby Boomers and Matures ranked technology/connectivity via Wi-Fi as the most important factor in selecting a venue.

• Technology was ranked as more important to the two older generations than it was to Millennials, who said cost was their top consideration for selecting a meeting space.

• While only 55 percent of respondents consider the age of conference attendees when selecting a venue, off-site activity options and the "cool factor" of the venue and location are very important factors for programs with Generation X and Millennial attendees.