M&C's Twitter Chat on Meetings and Social Media Is Today at 3 p.m.

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Don't forget! Today at 3 p.m. Eastern join M&C on Twitter for our very first #ChatMC. We will be discussing the use of social media for meetings and events. For more information on #ChatMC and directions on how to participate or follow the chat, click here

How will #ChatMC work? We will tweet 10 questions from our account at @mcmagtweet using the designation Q1, Q2, Q3 and so on and, of course, our chosen hashtag #ChatMC. After we tweet the first question, it will be your turn to jump in! 

Hover your mouse over our tweet, and three icons will pop-up: the reply, the retweet and the favorite. You may then chose how you want to engage with us. If you would like to reply to Q1, use A1 and #ChatMC. For example, a Twitter conversation between M&C and you might look something like this: 

@mcmagtweet: Q1: What is your favorite social media platform? #ChatMC
@yourhandle: A1: My favorite social media platform is Twitter. #ChatMC

We'll retweet and favorite some of your #ChatMC tweets. Maybe you have questions of your own you'd like to ask the #ChatMC crowd. Feel free to do so. Just be sure to use our hashtag. We're looking forward to tweet-chatting with you today!