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Finding eco-focused presenters for green events

Ralph Nader, Andy Lipkis and Paul PolizzottoLooking for a strong speech to kickstart a green-leaning event? If Al Gore is out of town -- or out of your price range -- fear not; many other speakers excel at raising awareness about environmental issues. Below are three candidates who get a particularly strong green stamp of approval from Marc Reede, president of the Beverly Hills, Calif.-based Nationwide Speakers Bureau (310-273-8807; Speaking of green: These orators’ prices range anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000.

Ralph Nader (above, left;,  the best-known member of the Green Party, isan attorney, the author of the landmark 1965 expose of the auto industry, Unsafe at Any Speed, and a three-time presidential candidate, as well as a leading environmental activist. In his speeches, Nader often focuses on how to protect the environment from the excesses of corporate America.

Andy Lipkis (above, center), is the founder and president of the aptly named Tree-People (, whose mission is to inspire and empower the residents of Los Angeles to take responsibility for their own urban environment. The group focuses on planting and caring for trees as well as other urban ecological issues. Lipkis speaks on topics ranging from sustainability to how best to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Paul Polizzotto (above, right) is the founder of the Adopt-A-Waterway program (, which is dedicated to improving the quality of the nation’s oceans, bays, rivers, lakes and streams. The organization works with both individuals and corporations. Polizzotto has made it his personal mission to educate local governments and the public at large on solutions for cleaner water.