On the Spot 12-1-2003

When traveling, what’s
the one item you can’t
live without?

“I never leave without my laptop. I cannot afford the time lapse away from office activities and certainly don't want to return to hundreds of e-mails after the trip. From a personal perspective, it is nice to have e-mail at any time of day to connect with colleagues as well as loved ones.”
Cheryl McGinnis
Executive Director
American Tinnitus Association
Portland, Ore.

“I always make sure to pack several aromatherapy travel candles. Hotel rooms so often appear anonymous, and these candles instantly make my room smell wonderful and more like home.”
Nancy Nachman, CMM, CMP
The Meetings Concierge
Scottsdale, Ariz.

“When I’m traveling overseas, I always take along a packet of English tea bags. I cannot function before I have had my morning cup of tea, and I humbly believe you simply cannot get a decent cup anywhere outside of the United Kingdom.”
Janette Macpherson
Technical & Research Co-director
Biscuit, Cake, Chocolate and Confectionary Alliance
London, U.K.