On the Spot 3-1-2004

Are you optimistic about
the health of the meetings
industry this year?

“As far as the general economy is concerned, I’m not very hopeful, but I am with regard to my association. Our annual show has shown good growth, and we have achieved that mainly through better marketing and strategic alliances with related organizations.”
Greg Phelps
Director of Meetings and Expositions
National Ground Water Association
Westerville, Ohio

“Yes I am. Next month we are traveling to the Dominican Republic for our midyear meeting, and this is one of the highest turnouts we have ever seen. I don’t think attendance is up solely because of the weather there, because members began signing up last June.”
Wanda A. Claiborne, CMP
Director of Meetings and Bar Liaison
Maryland State Bar Association
Baltimore, Md.

“Education budgets have been cut so deeply across the country that I think it might be another year before the upswing really helps us out.”
Mary Ann Settlemire
Director of Meetings and Council Relations
American Association of Community Colleges
Washington, D.C.