On the Spot 5-1-2007

What items on your desk
make it obvious you’re
a meeting planner?

“I don’t see too many people with a 20-year calendar on their desk. I received it when I started my job at GAR in 1996. It’s almost time to get a new one!”

Ellen Shea, CMP
Director of Meetings and Conventions
Georgia Association of Realtors
Atlanta, Ga.

“The piles of papers, menus, contracts, colored folders containing materials for my upcoming meetings, marketing calendars, and my own calendar filled with meeting dates, housing cut-off dates and budget-due dates.”

Lisa Simpson
Director of Meetings and Events
American Staffing Association
Alexandria, Va.

“I have pictures on my office walls of all of the meetings and events that I’ve conducted over the past 14 years.”

Patricia Perren
Meetings Manager
Hoffman Estates, Ill.

“A function-space guide, a 10-year calendar, maps and multiple venue contracts.”

Jeremy M. Luski
Meeting Planner
International Council of Shopping Centers
New York, N.Y.