On the Spot 5-1-2008

illustrationDo you prefer
your meeting venue
to employ unionized

“There are pros and cons. It’s always nice to meet in a right-to-work state because the labor costs are not as expensive, but when using union labor, you are guaranteed to have the laborers show up on time and work through your general contractor.”

Mariella Ley
Operations Manager
IDG World Expo
Fairfax, Va.

“I have worked with properties that are unionized and had fantastic results, but...I think it is very important that quality of service provided by the venue is not hurt by rules and regulations set by unions. For example, if I have a room set up a certain way but need to make a last-minute change and cannot because it requires two union people and only one is available, and I am not allowed to move the items myself, then what?”

Eli Gorin, CMP
gMeetings Inc.
Aventura, Fla.

“I want to support the workers, but at the same time, my responsibility is to the customer and to make sure the program executes without a hitch. Clients are not necessarily asking for one or the other.”

Michael A. Hudson
Site Search & Select
New York City