On the Spot 6-1-2005


How do you make
your hotel room feel
more like home?

“I have pictures of my husband, dog and cat on my laptop and my daughter’s picture on my cell phone. It feels great that I can see them at any time.”
Judy Benaroche Johnson, CMP
President and CEO
Rx Worldwide Meetings Inc.
Plano, Texas

“I always bring a picture of the family with me. And in my computer bag, I carry an e-mail that my dad sent me with a wonderful message. Plus, I always bring my health bars, as the food served at certain locations might not be very appetizing to me.”
Kim M. Gouvin, CMP
Senior Event Planner
Pfizer Global Research & Development
New London, Conn.

“I first unpack every item from my suitcase
and ask housekeeping for an additional 12 hangers. I also bring my favorite DVDs and music and a photo of my children. And although they take up more packing space, my personal toiletries certainly make me feel more at home while on the road.”
Agnes Canonica
Senior Projects Director
Krugman Group International
St. Petersburg, Fla.