On the Spot 6-1-2007


What do you miss
most while
on the road?

“I miss my own home -- my bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen. I also miss the comfort of having what I need at my fingertips, or at a nearby store.”

Sharon Marsh, CMP, CMM
Vendor Relationship Manager
San Jose, Calif.

“I always miss my family the most while on the road. Our offices are mobile, and our clients and suppliers can find us anywhere with today’s technology, but those who anchor and ground us in what is truly important are always waiting for us patiently with love and open arms upon our return.”

Gloria Nelson, CSEP
Chief Experience Officer
Gloria Nelson Event Design LLC
Winneconne, Wis.

“I would get in a lot of trouble if I didn’t say my wife and son, but I’d also have to say my bed. Over the years, I have stayed in some plush, amazing beds, but regardless of where I am or what hotel chain I am staying at, nothing beats sinking into my own mattress with my own broken-in pillows for a good night’s sleep. Plus, being home is good for having someone to share it with!”

Eli Gorin, CMP
gMeetings Inc.
Aventura, Fla.